Welcome! My name is Uwe Karstädt.

I am a naturopath, nutritionist and health coach.

What I can do for youWhat you can do for you

Health is easy.

I experience it on my patients every day: Health means being in harmony with your entire organism and the world around you. You are optimally equipped for a healthy life. Give yourself the chance:

Health is the most natural thing in the world.

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Healing Practice

Naturally Healthy


Buch von Uwe Karstädt: Elektrosmog und Glyphosat

Elektrosmog und Glyphosat

Natürlich werden Sie gesund

98,6° F: Ideal Body Temperature

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Die Säure des Lebens



Interview on the book 37 degrees with Uwe Karstädt


ELECTROSMOG! What is it?
How do I deal with it?


Health is easy!
What do you do before it’s too late?


Nitric oxide stimulation

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