Other Healing Approaches

If you have decided to come to me for a consultation, there are, apart from the major topics of information therapy, body temperature and hair mineral analysis, some further key points both in the diagnosis and in the measures that I or you can take.

In an initial appointment of about 90 minutes we will draw up a plan so that you can regain your strength and health.

How you can get back to this state of optimal health is the goal and purpose of my consultation and treatment. Here is a small selection of the possibilities.

Food supplements

In addition to information therapy and thermotherapy, I am happy to recommend selected special dietary supplements that I “tailor” to the respective person and life circumstances. These include preparations to stimulate enzymes, to quickly replenish deficiencies, for effective detoxification and for protection against the omnipresent environmental factors that increasingly affect our lives.

The poisoned environment also leads, among other things, to a serious loss of negative ions. These negative ions are the guarantee for health, vitality and zest for life, because “naturally you will get healthy”.


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