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There are correlations between diseases, weight gain or loss of vitality and the defensive measures of plants, which may also affect you. Other factors include pesticides, plastic particles in food and those substances that are added to food later. These can be colours, flavour enhancers or preservatives such as glyphosate.

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More Information

With the knowledge, my nutritional advice and health coaching you can take your health into your own hands. So that you can find better health and take a self-determined path without having to resort to medication.

The ideal way for every person is always to find a cure through lifestyle. And nutrition is certainly one of the most important cornerstones.

Bowel Health

Life and vitality are located in the intestines. It is of vital importance for all organ functions of our body. Not only the supply of the body with nutrients depends on optimal functioning of the intestines. Our strength and vitality depends largely on a smooth flow of intestinal functions.

However, the function of the intestine is also a decisive factor for our immune system, i.e. for the defence against microbes and for the neutralisation of toxins.

Another immensely important detail is the formation of the so-called biofilm. The biofilm is one of the repeatedly overlooked causes of enormous disturbances in the digestive tract and thus of our overall health.

Intestinal Detox

The biofilm is a barrier in the intestine that can prevent you from returning to optimal health. It is not only the hiding place for many pathogens, but also prevents vital nutrients from entering your body.

That is why I recommend all my patients to undergo a detox intestinal cure in order to excrete large parts of the biofilm. The success speaks for itself and forms the basis for further measures to stabilize health and vitality.

Naturally you will get healthy

Discover with me what keeps you in your sick, tired, low energy, overweight, underweight or painful condition. And if you discover and remove the obstacles that stand in the way of vital health and a slim body, your life will change.

You will come to the realization that there is a common cause for most health problems. The knowledge of this is based on the principles I have developed for better health.

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