Hair Mineral Analysis

Since the human body needs more than 80 other essential minerals and trace elements in addition to sodium and calcium, an under- or oversupply of one or more of these substances can cause a wide variety of diseases.

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More Information

In order to treat such diseases specifically and effectively, it is important to first gain an overview of the current state of the supply. In hair mineral analysis, the concentration of different minerals in a hair sample is examined in a laboratory.

In doing so, an over- or undersupply of the body with the respective minerals can be determined and treated with appropriate therapeutic measures.

How it works

Every person needs a regulated mineral balance. That is why one of my basic diagnostic tools in my practice is hair mineral analysis.

I work with an institute in America that has already carried out over a million hair analyses in the last 30 years. The results are very reliable and can be reproduced again and again.

On the basis of the test results, I then give recommendations for nutrition or supporting food supplements in my practice. Depending on the test results, it is then obvious and comprehensible that the recommendations must be completely individual and therefore different for each person.


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