Radiation & Electrosmog

I see it as my task to lift the veil from a subject that is treated like a mystery: electrosmog or artificial electromagnetic fields.

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More Information

This also includes naming reliable facts, even if it looks like an enumeration of horror news. The real adventure is the solution to the problem and the hope it creates. I will show you possible solutions that can be medically proven.

Take part in this great adventure! Join the side of the affirmative and optimistic people who will change the world for the better!

We are all creators of the new.

Reduce electromagnetic fields

Based on my experience and working with EMFs for over 20 years, I have come to the firm belief that this type of electromagnetic field is one of the serious causes of a large number of our health disorders. There are various ways of dealing with the risks to our health caused by electromagnetic fields.

But one thing is clear:

You cannot get well in the same environment in which you got sick!

And a very personal reason

Thousands of independent studies and my own experience have convinced me of the immense importance for each individual, but also for the whole of humanity. And then there is a very personal reason: my twin girls. I want to inherit for them a world that is healthier than we find it today, also in this respect. I want them to hear the stories of creators, not destroyers.

I therefore think it is necessary to look into how to reduce the disturbance of artificially generated electromagnetic fields (EMFs) so that our bodies can cope with them.

Get advice!

I would be happy to advise you in my practice on what you can do for yourself against radiation and electrosmog.

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