Information Medicine

Information Medicine is the most promising approach of holistic medicine. Based on knowledge thousands of years old, this branch has developed rapidly for many decades. In my practice, I work with a completely new device that brings every human organism back to its original state of information on all levels of body, soul and spirit in an unprecedented way. This state corresponds to the natural order as it can be found in untouched nature and undamaged cells, tissues and organs.

As these highest-order vibrations or information always ” exceed ” the low order and disease-causing frequencies, a healing process begins – on all levels of our human existence.


This new development of a frequency device – the NaturalHealer – and the creation of a PVA field (proton vibration alignment) outshines all previous developments in Information Medicine. The announcements of Nikolas Tesla and Albert Einstein about a new medicine have come true with the Natural Healer and are now available to us.

The knowledge of which fine frequencies your organism reacts to will also show you how pathogenic electromagnetic fields, heavy metals, pesticides such as glyphosate and many other environmental toxins and factors have an effect on the organism. They are all carriers of unnatural, disturbing frequencies.


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