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Uwe Karstaedt

Naturopath, nutritionist, health coach

Born in 1953, ever since my school days my special interest has been in all aspects of health: social, physical, psychological and spiritual. The most important questions in my life are the questions about the deeper meaning of my existence. Since 1986 I have been following my calling as an alternative healer, health coach, teacher and author of books about the most burning healthcare issues in our modern society.

For over 30 years I have been meeting people on a daily basis in my practice in Munich. I have learned a lot from them and I have been able to accompany many people on their way to recovery. These experiences and my gift to reflect these encounters with adequate humour, clarity and humility have enabled me to put these experiences into words and books.

My responsibility is to show you how to boycott your brilliant self-healing mechanism. I will show you ways to support the body instead. At this point I would like to summarize the most important insight in one sentence:

Healing can only happen in a relaxed state!

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My Philosophy

Healing can only take place in a relaxed mind text

Health is not only the absence of illness.

Health is a state of being which, under the given circumstances, is the result of an optimal interaction of all functions on the physical, mental and emotional level. Every organism is poised for health and always brings itself into the best possible state – if we do not interfere.

You bear the greatest responsibility for alleviating or healing your complaints. This is good news! I can give you the professional recommendations, create a treatment plan and erase many a meaningless concept from your head. I can also motivate you to do something for you instead of working against you. And yet: My experience and knowledge will only become your knowledge when you do it yourself and then experience it yourself.

Supply your body and soul like a beloved child with everything that is needed!

It will be my responsibility to pass on my experience to you in such a way that you can understand what is happening to you. It is also my responsibility to do research and put my experiences to the test so that I can offer you the best possible treatment and advice. When healers and those seeking healing each take on their responsibility, an immensely strong energy field is created in which really anything is possible.

Apart from irresponsibility, there are a few diseases that are not immediately recognized as such: blame, lack of humor, criticism, whitewashing and bad-mouthing. If you think after studying my books that I am sitting in one of these boats and you have found a like-minded person, I must disappoint you bitterly. These qualities are pathogenic and no way out of the dilemma.

Health is easy. I experience it on my patients every day. Health is in harmony with your entire organism. Health is on the same wavelength as the entire universe. You are well equipped for a healthy life. Give yourself the chance: health is the most natural thing in the world.

In my videos and books I like to share my knowledge and experience. I show you what you can do for yourself: You will be cured naturally.

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What I can do for you

People come to my practice with all kinds of different complaints. What they all have in common is the desire for relief or healing. More than forty years of experience have sharpened my eye for the main causes and the most promising methods for more quality of life, energy and health. Therefore I work with a variety of applications and methods. Some of them I can do in practice, but most of them you can implement yourself. Here are just a few:

Link to: Thermotherapie


Long-wave infrared radiation has proven to be a reliable medium in medicine for numerous indications and has led to a number of sometimes spectacular results.

Information medicine

In my practice I work with a completely new device, which in an unprecedented way brings every human organism back to its original information situation.

Link to: Thermotherapie

Hair mineral analysis

In a laboratory, the concentration of various minerals in your hair sample is examined to determine over- or undersupply. I evaluate the results and discuss the further procedure with you.

Other curing approaches

During an appointment in my practice, I will apply other diagnostic methods in addition to hair analysis, depending on your needs: MNLS (Oberon), bio-impedance analysis and of course the information you provide me with.

In addition to information therapy and thermotherapy, I am happy to recommend comprehensive biodynamic regulation as well as selected special nutrition supplements which I “tailor” to the individual person and life circumstances.


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