Heat & Body Temperature

Being cold is a symptom, but also one of the main causes of illness and therefore a widespread disease.

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An undertemperature or hypothermia – as doctors say – leads to a weakening of the immune system. Therefore, low temperatures should always be considered as a cause or contributing factor for many chronic diseases. Low body temperature can also be caused by alcohol or medication, shock or certain diseases such as diabetes, adrenal weakness or low thyroid function. It affects all areas of life: body and psyche, blood circulation and metabolism, organs and tissues, vitality and the immune system.

For every degree below the norm of approx.37° the strength of the immune system decreases by about 25 percent. There is a direct measurable relationship between basal body temperature and immune strength.

However, we can do a lot to increase the core temperature and our health.

Warmth is beneficial and heals

The natural conditions for best health and optimal survival are determined by the nature that surrounds us. Every plant, every animal and also human beings have the best conditions for a healthy life if the original way of life and environment are present.

50 percent of the sun’s heat radiation are infrared rays, which warm us instantly and deeply. What applies to UV rays also applies to infrared radiation. We have too little of it, and so we are not sufficiently warmed up.

Infrared treatments reduce stress on the cells. This is done by not only providing them with light and heat, but also by increasing the supply of nutrients with oxygen and improving cell respiration.  This allows more toxins and waste products to leave the cells. More valuable substances are absorbed and toxins are eliminated. This means that detoxification pathways work more efficiently when the body temperature is in the optimal range (36.7°-37.3°).

Getting back up to temperature again

So if you are not making any progress with your efforts to do something for your health, even though you have already set a lot in motion, it would be a good idea to create the basis for making this intention a reality by relaxing or reducing stress and reaching the ideal body temperature.

I am happy to help and support you in this.

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